January 30th, 2011

Episode 1.3 - Kill Me: It’s Okay for Your Friends (or daughter) to Like the People You Don’t

At Friday Night Dinner, Rory announces that she must take on type of athletic sport class at Chilton. Over much debate, the Gilmores say Rory should take on Golf. This is of course decided because Richard Gilmore’s favorite sport is golf. At this point, Rory and Richard are distant, and Emily insists that Richard take Rory to “the club” to play golf. Richard has his reservations, but promises Emily that he’ll be pleasant.

This, of course, sends Lorelai into a panic. Her daughter is about to spend an entire day with the very people Lorelai despises: her own parents. The always polite Rory sucks it up and prepares to spend the day with her grandfather. And wouldn’t you know, the two actually have a lot in common. The day ends with Rory and Richard taking on not only the role of grandfather/granddaughter, but as friends. You can imagine Lorelai’s shock as she learns of this, and it does not settle with her well. She has an unexplained lashing out at Rory all because she couldn’t stand the fact that Rory could possibly like the people she didn’t. Lorelai finally sees the error of her ways and apologizes to Rory, letting her know that it is okay to have a relationship with her grandparents.

We’ve all been in this situation. Our friend develops a new friend who we cannot stand even for a second. Sometimes it’s hard because you feel you are tearing your friend in two different directions. So you start to avoid them. You judge them for things you normally would not have before. But for what? To ruin a great relationship? As we see with Lorelai and Rory, the deterioration of a friendship is not worth it. It is okay that you and a friend (or daughter, or boyfriend, or mother) have different taste in people. It does not have to reflect on the relationship you have built. After all, Richard and Emily are not so bad and provide some pretty good laughs.