February 7th, 2011

Episode 1.7 - Kiss & Tell: Don’t Take It Personally

So it is in the seventh episode that Rory receives one of her big firsts: her first kiss. For a teenage girl, it was perfect. It was completely planted on her by Dean spontaneously. And as we all did when we received our first kiss, Rory ran to tell her best friend Lane at her house (or the antique shop, whichever you prefer). The strict Mrs. Kim overhears Rory telling Lane blasphemous things like kissing boys and shoos Rory out of the house/store. Notice that when I said “she ran to her best friend,” I said Lane and not Lorelai. In fact, Rory dances around ever telling Lorelai that the kiss happened. So guess who Lorelai hears the news from? The one and only Mrs. Kim. Of course Lorelai feels hurt to be learning of her daughter’s first kiss through a third party. 

But Rory was not keeping this from Lorelai to hurt her feelings, it was more because Rory didn’t know how to tell her. In the past I have found myself getting upset when I learn a friend didn’t tell me something major that happened to them (i.e: first kiss, sex, etc.). But then I have to put myself in their shoes. When it comes to our sexuality, it is an awkward thing to talk about —to anyone. I have a hard time admitting to my friends that I drunkenly kissed a boy at a frat party, not to mention if I actually have feelings about a guy. 

So how can I be upset when my friends are not so different from me? We have to learn to not take things personally if our friends (again, or daughters) do not immediately confide in us things about their love life. It is their love life, and we just occasionally get the privilege of hearing about it now and then. And 9 times out of ten, they’ll eventually talk about it with you.

And in TV land, Rory and Lorelai eventually talk about the first kiss, and it turns out to not be so awkward at all. How’s that for a happy ending : )